Home Brewing Steps

In order to begin your home brewing endeavors, there is some initial equipment that is needed. Depending on how much you’d like to brew at a time, and whether or not you want to bottle your beer (and other factors) there is different equipment that is needed. The majority of these items can be bought as part of a kit, but if you’d like, you can buy them individually.


If you buy the items in a kit, you can be sure that you have exactly all of the ingredients that you need, sometimes even including the cleaning solution and bottles, but you only get enough ingredients to make a certain amount of beer. This could be a problem if you’d like to brew a larger quantity of beer. However, if it’s your first time making beer at home, this may be better because you’re not stuck Beer Making Kitswith a bad batch of beer for very long if something doesn’t go quite right. Besides, once you have all of the equipment that you need, you can always buy more ingredients.


If you decide to purchase the items individually, make sure to keep a detailed list of all of the items that you need so that you can check them off as you go and make sure you don’t forget anything. When purchasing the equipment on your own also remember to look for a sanitizing solution. It is very important that all of the equipment being used to brew the beer is clean and sanitized, otherwise your beer may become contaminated. A bleach solution can be substituted for one that you can purchase online.


If you have already brewed your own beer at home before, then purchasing the items individually may be for you. You’ll be able to dictate exactly how much beer that you want to make and put your own personal touch on it.


Once you get all of you equipment together and sanitized, you’re ready to start the brewing process. You can follow the steps that I have laid out here, or if you decided to buy a kit you can follow the instructions included with it.


The steps:


Hops PlantThe first thing that you want to do when brewing your beer is boil the Malt and Hops together with some water for about an hour. This is done to sterilize the ingredients and to activate the Hops. Often, brewers will steep the grains into the mixture before it is brought to a boil in order to add some color and additional flavor to the mix. This mixture when done boiling is called Wort.


The next step in the process is to allow the beer to Ferment. Let the Wort cool down to about room temperature, and pour it into your fermenting container. Once the wort is in the container, add your water and the yeast. Store your mix in a cool, dry place and let it sit for about 2 weeks.


When your beer is done with this step in the fermentation process, it’s ready to be bottled. Put some sugar in the bottom of your bottles before the beer and cap all of the bottles. After you have bottled and capped your beer, store it in the refrigerator for another few weeks. Adding the sugar and letting the beer age carbonates the beer, so it’s nice and bubbly when you go to drink it. Two weeks should be enough aging time if you are eager to drink your beer, but if you want maximum flavor, allow it to age for at least a month.

Beer Bottles


After you’ve waited out the aging process go ahead and open up one of those beers and enjoy. Congratulations! you’ve brewed your very own beer!


Now that you’re familiar with some of the equipment and steps that are needed to make your own batch of beer at home, you can begin looking into acquiring the supplies you need. Click Here to read, in more detail, about kits and to see which kits I’d recommend.

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