Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit Review

Product: Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit

Price: $64.99 (Retail)

Where to Buy:

My Rating8/10


What’s Included


In the Mr. Beer home brewing kit, you will receive everything that you need to begin your home brewing career. The kit includes:


  • A two-gallon fermenting “keg” with airlock lid & spout
  • Two refill packs (you can brew 2 batches with the one kit!)
  • 11 Reusable plastic bottles, caps, and labels
  • The cleaning solution
  • Mr. Beer’s super easy to follow instructions


The Review


This is one of the best all-inclusive beer kits that are available for a new brewer. With everything it includes, and the simple, straight-forward directions that it provides, you’ll know you’ve got a great deal from the second you open the box.


The fermenting keg is large enough to make 16 pints of beer, but is shaped in a way that it doesn’t take up much room when you’re storing it during the fermenting process. If you’d like, you can even keep the fermenting keg on display during the fermenting process. It looks good enough to sit on your counter and not look out of place.


The plastic bottles are pretty basic. They look like dark 16 oz. soda bottles and you can add the Mr. Beer labels to them. Be sure not to throw them away, or leave them at a friends house though, because you can reuse them; not only for the second included batch, but also for any future batches you decide to make going forward.


The ingredients that are used to actually make the beer come in conveniently packed containers. The containers are also clearly labeled so that as you’re following the directions, you know exactly what ingredient to use.Mr. Beer Items


After you’re finished making the first 16 beers, go ahead and clean up everything because you’ll have the ingredients to make another 16. Once you’re done with your second batch of beers (32 16 oz. beers total!) you should keep the fermenting keg and all of the bottles because you can buy more ingredients and make more batches of beer.


There is one issue, though. Although you can make more beer using the fermenting keg and bottles; you’re limited to buying the extra ingredients from Mr. Beer. This is fine if you don’t mind making small batches of beer, and you’re okay with their recipes. However, if you do want to branch out and make your own beer, or get a recipe from another source, you’ll be pretty limited with this kit. Most recipes are designed to make larger batches than the two gallons you’re allotted with the Mr. Beer kit.




In conclusion, this is the great kit for any new and casual brewer. With everything it includes, its detailed instructions, and the affordable price, It’s an incredible option for learning how to brew your own beer.  The main downside that I can see is the fact that you aren’t able to brew larger than one – 2 gallon batch of beer at a time; but that may not be a problem for you at all. I truly believe that you’ll have no regrets with the Mr. Beer home brewing kit.


Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about the Mr. Beer kit, and to let us know how your beer turned out! I look forward to hearing from all of you!






  1. Hi Anthony! Fellow WA member here saw your site on the holiday hot seat and wanted to stop by and say the site looks great. I tried the Mr. Beer home brew kit a couple years back and it was amazing how easy it was to use. It is definitely a recommended kit for any starter.

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