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Product: Brewers Best Beer KitBrewers best beer kits

Price: $127.75

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My Rating: 9/10


What’s Included



When you buy one of the Brewers Best Beer Kits, you’re getting all of the equipment that you’ll need to start your home brewing journey. According to them, the only thing you’ll need that isn’t included is a pot for boiling, bottles, and caps. You’ll receive:


  • 6.5 gallon primary fermenter w/ lid
  • 6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot
  • 5 gallon carboy (secondary fermenter)
  • Hydrometer
  • Siphon hose w/ shutoff clamp
  • Carboy bung
  • Liquid crystal thermometer
  • lab thermometer
  • Bottle Capper
  • Brew paddle
  • Airlock
  • Auto siphon
  • Bottle filler
  • Bottle brush
  • Carboy brush
  • No rinse cleanser
  • “Home Beermaking” book
  • Equipment instructions


The Review



The Brewers Best Beer Kit is another fantastic option for anyone who is serious about getting into home brewing. It is a complete collection of just about all of the materials that any home brewer needs. They have even included some additional items that can aid your brewing, but aren’t a necessity.


With the included 6.5 gallon fermenting bucket, or “Ale Pail”, you’ll be able to make nice large batches of beer; and if you’d like, you can double your production by also utilizing the carboy. When your beer is done fermenting, you’ll be able to easily transfer it to the bottling bucket using the enclosed siphon hose. From the bottling bucket, you’ll be able to seamlessly bottle the beer, for carbonating and serving, thanks to the convenient spigot.


Once the beer is in the the bottles, capping them will be a breeze with the included twin lever capper. Unfortunately, though, this kit doesn’t come with bottles or caps. Bottles and caps aren’t too expensive, and can easily be purchased alongside of this kit, but including them would have been more convenient.Brewers best beer kits


Also included in this kit is a hydrometer. You’ll be able to tell the density of your brew compared to the density of water. This will let you know, to an exact number, if you’re beer has been fermenting for the desired amount of time, and can also aid in determining the ABV of your beer.


You’ll also receive 2 different thermometers. The liquid crystal thermometer is adhesive and made to stick directly to the fermenting bucket. You’ll be able to tell, at any stage during fermentation, what the temperature of your brew is, and if you’ll need to make any adjustments. The lab thermometer is used when boiling your wort and steeping your grains so that you know you’re at the right temperature at all times.


This kit includes a brew paddle as well. The brew paddle is used for stirring and mixing your ingredients at all stages of the process and can withstand boiling temperatures.


The auto siphon will also be a big help for all of your brewing. Instead of trying to manually get your mixture from the fermenting bucket or carboy into your bottling bucket, you can have it done automatically with this included device.


Cleaning and sanitizing will also be very simple with the included materials. In addition to the no-rinse sanitizing solution that’s included, you’ll also get a bottle brush and a carboy brush. As we know, sanitizing everything before and after brewing is important and you can be sure all of the sediment and other contaminates that might be in your containers is gone using these brushes.


There is also a “Home Beermaking” book and an instruction manual for all of the equipment. You’ll be getting a lot of good information about brewing from the book, and you can be sure your equipment is cleaned, set-up, and used properly with the information that’s included in the instruction manual.


There are a couple of things that are missing from this kit, though, that I think could have been added. For one, they don’t include any ingredients for making beer. You’ll have to purchase either a “kit” of ingredients used to make a specific beer, or (if you’ve found a recipe on your own) all of the ingredients individually. This isn’t that big of a deal if you had already found a recipe and just need the materials, but if you were hoping to start brewing right out of the box, you’re out of luck.


The other missing element, which I mentioned earlier, is bottles. They include everything to make bottling and capping easier, but they don’t include the bottles or caps themselves. You’ll either have to buy those separately, or find another way to carbonate and dispense your beer.





Overall, this is a great kit for any home brewer. If you’re new to brewing, and want to be sure you have all of the equipment, you can be sure you’re getting everything with this kit. With all of the quality materials that are included, this kit will be paying dividends for you with all of your brewing for years to come.

Beer Bottles


It’s main downside is the fact that it doesn’t come with anything to carbonate your beer in/serve out of. In my opinion, they could’ve gotten rid of the carboy, or incorporated the spigot into the primary fermenting bucket to make room for some bottles. They didn’t, though, so you’ll either have to buy bottles separately, look into kegging your beer, or find another solution.


Even with that minor downfall, you’re still getting a fantastic kit with the Brewers Best Beer Kit!


If you’ve used this beer kit before, or if you enjoyed this review, let me know in the comments. If you want to say hello, or brag about how your home brews are turning out, the comments are great for that too!


As always I wish you all the best of luck with your brewing!





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