New Orleans on Tap Beer Festival, Perfect for Home Brewers!

For those of you who are familiar with this festival but aren’t a home brewer (and are interested in becoming one) Click Here. That is a great source for beginners to learn the basics of home brewing, and to find out if it would be something you’d be interested in.


If you live in New Orleans or in the surrounding area and you do brew your own beer, whether you’re familiar with it or not, you should check out the New Orleans On Tap Beer Festival (this year it took place on September 27th at the New Orleans City Park Festival Grounds).

Puppy and Beer


If you’re not sure what the festival is, its an annual beer tasting and fundraiser. Admission is free (but they do accept donations) and the money raised will be going to the Louisiana SPCA!


You’ll be able to sample from many different breweries from around the country and get some delicious food all while listening to live music.


Just because it’s a beer festival, doesn’t necessarily mean I should be writing about it here on the home brewing site. Which brings me to the real reason I’m telling you about it.


If you’re not familiar with the festival, or you are but you’ve never been, they really like having home brewers there. So, for all of you who love to brew beer in your garage or basement (or wherever you do your brewing), you can take your creations to the festival and share them with the public.


Typically, the festival gets around 40 home brewers; but this year they hope to double that number. Attendance is planning to increase at least twofold this year and they’d like to keep homebrewed beer supply up, as that is usually the first kind to go.


Even better this year, though, is that they will be having their first home brewing competition. Not only will you be able to have the public try your homemade beer, but you can have it judged by a panel of professionals! The expert judges be giving out Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. There will also be Gold, Silver and Bronze medals given to the beers most favored by the crowd.


In addition to being judged by a panel of experts, there will also be opportunity to have your beer critiqued by the experts and get some tips and pointers from them!

New Orleans On Tap Beer Festival 2011


Unfortunately, I don’t live in New Orleans or this would be something that I definitely would be attending.  If you do live in the area, and you think that you have the best beer around, give it the ultimate test by having it judged by professionals. Best case, you medal and get some recognition, worst case, you can get some pointers from experts. Sounds like a win-win to me!


To be considered to enter your beer into the festival and/or competition email: info@neworleansontap.org and to get more information about the festival itself go to: http://www.neworleansontap.org/


If you’ve been to the festival before, or are going this year, let us know what you think about it in the comments. If you’re entering your beer into the competition, be sure to come back here to let us know how it goes!







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