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One of the best ways, if not the best way, to begin your beer brewing journey is to start off with a kit. At the bottom of this page there is a list and a short description of the beer making kit reviews that I’ve conducted. You can Click here to go right to them if you want to, but if you’d like to learn more about kits in general, read on!


Beer making kits are, essentially, exactly what they sound like. They are a complete set of all the equipment that you need in order to brew your own beer. In a lot of the kits, you’ll also get a set of the raw ingredients that you need and very detailed instructions explaining exactly what to do to make your own beer.Brewers best beer kits


In some of the more advanced kits you can get a fermenter, bottles and, depending on the kit, a number of other items that can be used to either help you brew your beer or change the flavor and type of beer. Obviously, the more equipment that you want with your kit, the more it is going to cost; but they are still very reasonably priced.


Another benefit to buying a kit is that all of the equipment that you receive is re-usable. You can go back and buy more ingredients and make your next batch of beer in the fermenter and bottles that you already have. It’s much more cost efficient than buying all of the equipment individually.


Typically, these kits come with the materials and equipment to make anywhere from 1 to about 7 gallons of beer at a time. Be sure, when looking through home brewing kit reviews that you note how much you’ll be able to make with each kit. You don’t want to be stuck with too little or too much (if that’s possible) beer.


Also, while looking at different home brew kits and home brew kit reviews, pay attention to the type and flavor of the beer that you’ll potentially be making. Nobody knows your preferences as well as you do, so make sure you’re going to be making a beer that you’ll enjoy.


For these, and many other reasons, buying a kit when you’re first starting out brewing is the way to go. They provide you with all of the tools and tactics that you need in order to create your first few batches of beer. Best of all, after purchasing one kit, you can re-use the equipment again and again, giving you the option to make many different types of beer.


Beer Brewing Kit Reviews


Here is the list of the kits that I have reviewed with a short description of each. Click the names or pictures of each of the kits to be taken to my full review of them.



Coopers DIY Beer Kit [9.5/10] – The best Coopers Beer Kitkit that I have seen so far. This kit includes everything that you need to begin brewing right in the box. Aside from a little bit of preparation, you won’t have to buy anything additional to make your first batch of beer using this kit. The only downside to this kit is the fact that they didn’t include a sanitizing solution. Sanitizing is one of the most important aspects of brewing, so I believe they should’ve included it. Click Here to go to my full review.



Brewers best beer kitsBrewers Best Beer Kit [9/10] – A fantastic kit for anybody trying to be sure that they have all of the equipment needed to begin home brewing. This kit comes with just about every piece of equipment that is needed, along with some extra equipment that isn’t necessarily a necessity, but is definitely helpful. The major downside to this kit is the fact that they don’t include any of the ingredients to brew with, or bottles and caps. Click Here to go to my full review.




Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit

Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit [9/10] – Similar to the Brewers Best Beer Kit, this kit comes with all of the equipment that is needed. The main difference is that this kit doesn’t come with a couple of the additional items that the Brewers Best kit does. It’s still a basically complete set of all the materials you’ll need. As with the other kit, this one also doesn’t come with bottles and caps, or the ingredients themselves. Click Here to go to my full review.




Mr Beer itemsMr. Beer Home Brewing Kit [8/10] – Great kit for a beginning home brewer, or someone who wants to “test the waters” of home brewing. The Mr. Beer kit is smaller, but does include everything needed to brew right in the box. The major downside to this kit is its size. If you want to increase your brewing production in the future after buying this, you’ll have to buy additional equipment to make larger quantities. Click Here to go to my full review.




brooklyn kit

Brooklyn Beer Kit [7/10] – This is another great kit for the new brewer, or someone who isn’t 100% sure about making their own beer at home. This kit comes with enough materials to make a 1 gallon batch of beer, so you can see how it turns out. On the down side, though, this kit doesn’t come with bottles and caps either. You’ll have to either buy them separately, or find a different means to serve your beer. Click Here to go to my full review.



If you’ve used any of these kits before, let us know in the comments what you think about them; or if there’s another kit that you think is good, leave a comment about that too. If neither of those are the case, but you still want to say hey or talk about your beer, please don’t hesitate to!


Best of luck with all of your beer creating adventures!






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