Homemade Beer Recipes — An Excellent Guide

The Beer Brewing BookWhen making beer, it can be really fun to add your own flavors to it and make it your own; but when you’re first starting out, you may add some things that don’t work well together and accidentally make a not-so-great beer. That’s why, especially in the beginning, you’ll want to follow a recipe.


Homemade beer recipes are great. Since you’re following a recipe, you can be pretty sure that the beer is going to turn out pretty good. You’ll be able to learn, through detailed instructions, how to make some of your favorite beers; and you’ll have the stepping stones toward learning how to blend flavors to make a beer that is completely unique to you.


Just like with cooking, a great way to learn about home brewing is through a recipe book. There are a few different recipe books available to purchase and a great one is simply titled The Beer Brewing Book.


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  1. Great information on making beer. I will have to refer your site to my husband he is interested in home brewing.

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