Home Brewing for Beginners, Easy and Fun!

Brewing beer at home is a fun and rewarding hobby. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert, by any means, to enjoy this hobby!Beer Bottles


Home brewing for beginners is unlike many other hobbies for beginners though.  With a few supplies (one purchase in most cases) you can create something amazing that you’ll be really proud of, and it will fuel your desire to continue brewing.


The Basics

Brewing Tanks


Before you embark on brewing beer on your own, there are some supplies that you will need. These are the bare essentials that every home brewer needs:


  • A large pot for boiling, mixing and steeping
  • A fermenting bucket for ..well.. fermenting
  • Mixing spoons
  • Thermometer
  • Bottling supplies
  • A cleaning solution


It is important that the fermenting bucket is air locked, so that the gas that will build up during the fermenting process can escape without letting air in. You may want to opt for a fermenting bucket with a nozzle on it for easy bottling or serving.


Having a cleaning solution for your home brew is very important. before every batch of beer that you make you have to be sure to sanitize all of your materials. If you don’t, something could get into your mix and contaminate your beer.



I’ve decided not to include a bulleted list for this section because there are tons of options when it comes to whatBlooming Hops Plant ingredients you want to use to make your beer. There are a few main ingredients that you will need, but even those come in different forms depending
on the style and flavor of beer you want to make.


Malt and Hops are the main two ingredients that you use to make your beer, and yeast is what you use to ferment it. Beyond that, how you want to make your beer it up to your imagination. Different types of hops, different brewing processes, and adding things such as spices to your brew is what will make all different types of beer.


Brewing Kits



In my opinion, the best place to begin your brewing career is by buying a kit. Beer kits are the best solution for someone who wants to start home brewing and wants to be sure that they have all of the supplies, materials, and ingredients that they need.


Typically in your kit you will receive the hops, malt, and yeast that you need. Depending on the kit that you do decide to buy, you can also get all of the supplies to ferment and even bottle your beer.


There are different types and brands of kits out there, but my favorite is Mr. Beer. It is perfect for beginners because it comes with everything that you need as well as very detailed instructions on the brewing process. Check out this page for mBeer in a Glassore information about brewing kits.


Just like with any hobby, the more you do it, the better you’ll be at it. Brewing your own beer at home is no different. What’s awesome about brewing beer is “the better you do it” means “better tasting beer” and we all love better tasting beer!


Another great resource for free information about brewing can be found at The Homebrewers Association website. There you can find some downloadable lists and guides that can help you along the home brewing path!


Home brewing really is a great hobby that almost anyone can enjoy and it’s very easy to pick up. Leave a comment if you have any questions/comments or if you just want to let us know how you’re coming along in your brewing.


I wish you all the best of luck with all of your brewing endeavors!







  1. Hi Anthony,

    I love your website! Brewing beer at home is something that I have been interested in doing for years and just never got around to doing it.

    Your website and the articles you provide has inspired me to pursue this desire I have further.

    I am bookmarking the site and will be returning regularly to see what kind of information and products you will be offering. Who knows, with your help maybe I’ll be making my own brews for family and friends before the year is out.

    Thanks Again!


    • Thank you Wayne! I really hope that I can help you out. I appreciate it, and let us know how it goes!

  2. Well that does seem easy and fun! I have always wanted to try brewing my own beer and your site provides me with the information to do it. I’ll visit again soon. Thanks.

    • Thanks Denise! and you’re welcome! I hope I can help you out, and come back to let us know how it goes!

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