Frequent Asheville NC Breweries? Take YOUR Recipes Here!

Here’s another post about a great opportunity for all of you home brewers out there to get your beer tasted by others. If you aren’t a home brewer, and you think you’d like to become one, Click Here for my page on the basic steps of home brewing.


This brewery is really cool because you can potentially make some money. It will be the first of Asheville, NC breweries of its kind.Money in a Beer Bottle


For all of you who live in the Asheville area you can go to a new brewery that’s opening up soon and create your own beer there. They will have all of the equipment that you’ll need, as well as all of the ingredients; and if you need any assistance, there will be a brewer on hand to help you out.


Once your beer is done being made and it gets tapped, you can start earning revenue from it!


The brewery is going to be called Open Brewing, and will be located in the Thirsty Monk Pub just off of Hendersonville Road in South Asheville. The brewery, being opened by the owner of the Thirsty Monk Pubs, will feature their beer as well as yours, so you’ll have some professional competition.


I wouldn’t be too worried about that, though, because I’m sure people who visit Open Brewing will be going to try new, homemade beer. Also, the majority of the taps that will be there will be dedicated to the home brews.


As of right now, I don’t know if you’ll have to pay to participate, or how much money you can actually make; but I’ll update this as soon as I find out. Either way, it’s an awesome opportunity to share your home brewed beer.


TapIf you happen to live in the Asheville North Carolina area, and you already have a great recipe for beer, check out Open Brewing. To be considered email: hello@obrewing.com (the email should be working but going to www.obrewing.com will redirect you to The Thirsty Monk home page for now).


I hope that this type of brewery becomes popular and makes its way around the country. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a bar like this, and I’d really like something comparable to come to my area.


If you’re planning on becoming one of the home brewers that Open Brewing features, let us know, and then come back to let us know how it went.


If you just want to let us know how your home brewing endeavors are going, the comments are a perfect place for that too! You’ll more than likely rope me into the conversation as well!


As always, I wish you all the best of luck with your home brewing.






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