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Hey Everyone, My name is Anthony and I have been enjoying the benefits of beer for a long time now.


A couple of years ago, I began dabbling in home brewing when my roommate received a kit for his birthday. Together, he and I went through the whole process and ended up making a surprisingly good batch of beer. I then helped my girlfriends father brew a batch of beer one weekend when we were visiting her family (although, I didn’t get to taste that batch because it was all gone by the time we went back to their house).


I created this site to show that home brewing is a lot easier than it seems and with the right tools and information anybody can make their own varieties of beer.


And now on to my beer story…


When I was younger and had my very first taste of beer, like many people, I didn’t really like it. I figured that as I got older I would either try to acquire the taste, or avoid beer altogether. The former seemed like the better solution.


I soon began to enjoy the taste of all different types of beer. I wanted to expand my “beer horizons” and I started drinking microbrews from local breweries around where I lived. Now, I try to sample a new microbrew when I go out to new restaurants and breweries; this naturally translated into me attempting to create my own different beers as a side hobby.


I really enjoy how there is virtually no limit to what kind of beer that can be made. Every batch that you brew can be made with your own unique style and made for your taste palate.


If you have any questions or just have a comment please don’t hesitate to leave a message below. I love talking about beer and will join in on your discussions!


Thank you for visiting and I wish you the best of luck with all of your home brewing endeavors.






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